Dynasty Trust Provisions

A Missouri dynasty trust is a type of long-term trust established to provide for multiple generations of beneficiaries while minimizing estate taxes and protecting family wealth. The primary goal of a dynasty trust is to preserve assets for the benefit of descendants, typically grandchildren and beyond, by transferring wealth across generations in a tax-efficient manner.

Key Features of a Missouri Dynasty Trust

Long Duration

Dynasty trusts are designed to last for multiple generations, often for several decades or even centuries. This allows assets to grow and compound over time, providing ongoing financial support for successive generations.

Asset Protection

Assets held within a dynasty trust are generally protected from creditors’ claims, including those of beneficiaries. By keeping assets within the trust rather than distributing them outright to beneficiaries, the trust can shield wealth from potential creditors, lawsuits, divorce settlements, and other risks.

Tax Benefits

Dynasty trusts can help minimize estate taxes by leveraging the generation- skipping transfer (GST) tax exemption. This exemption allows trust assets to pass to beneficiaries who are two or more generations below the grantor without incurring additional transfer taxes.


The grantor of a dynasty trust can retain a certain degree of control over trust assets by appointing trustees and specifying how trust funds should be managed and distributed. This control can help ensure that the grantor’s intentions are carried out over time.


Missouri dynasty trusts offer flexibility in terms of the types of assets that can be held within the trust, the timing and conditions of distributions to beneficiaries, and other administrative matters. This allows for customization based on the grantor’s preferences and the needs of the beneficiaries.

Conclusion: Establishing a Missouri Dynasty Trust

It’s important to note that establishing a dynasty trust involves careful planning and consideration of various legal and tax implications. Consulting with a qualified estate planning attorney or financial advisor who is knowledgeable about Missouri trust laws and tax regulations is advisable to ensure that the trust is structured appropriately to meet your specific goals and objectives.

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