Estate Planning Workshop

Revocable Living Trust → No probate or Court, Save cost & time Private / Changeable

Full Document Package → POA/HCPOA, Personal Property, Medical Directive

Minor Protection Plan → Short Term & Long Term

MO Asset Protection Trust → Add on

Minimum 20 People – Workshops for churches, company meetings, neighborhoods, etc.

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Will Worsham

Client Reviews

Wendy Featherston

The Worsham Law Firm team is always very friendly and helpful. Malissa at WLF is great to work with and so knowledgeable. I refer anyone needing Estate Planning assistance to the Worsham Team!

Jim Montgomery

Worsham Law Firm has been a pleasure to deal with and has provided an outstanding service at a reasonable fee. I personally recommend their services to anyone needing financial planning.

Jeanette Bench

Your natural inclination is to postpone Estate planning, which is exactly how we felt till we contacted Worsham Law. We found the process to be way easier and more affordable than we expected. The staff was informative and helpful and our trust was tailored to our needs. We felt we were in good hands and never rushed. We’re very pleased.

Reba Thurman

We have been so pleased with Worsham Law Firm. They have explained everything and walked us through the whole process, attending to our particular needs. They have been very diligent throughout the whole process of getting our trust established. I would highly recommend that you contact them today to get your estate planning started. It is such a load lifted. Don’t wait no matter how old, or young, you might be.

David Harmon

Will and his staff are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They explained the whole process of estate planning. Price is very affordable. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Great bunch of people.

Kim Palubiak

My husband and I met with Mr Worsham and with Malissa Hauswirth last August/September to put together our revocable Trust. We had a great experience with this firm and these two people. Both were very nice and very knowledgeable on what is best for our circumstances. We would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Kim and Gary P.

Jan Easton

We had excellent meetings with you and everyone we talked to. The service was great and we felt that the cost was affordable. Everything was explained in a manner we could understand.

Sherry Eakins

If you need an Estate Plan drawn up, I highly recommend Worsham Law Firm. They make it simple & guide you through every step. They are a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Ricker

Worsham Law Office was helpful for me to create a trust for my family. We have been wanting to create a will for our family for 13 years since we got married. I learned a trust is much better. Worsham Law Office helped me to fill in the blanks of my understanding of trusts and created an easy to follow road map of the steps they go through to create a trust. I appreciate everything included in the trust, especially when it comes to my children.

Who We Are

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We provide straightforward solutions for your specific estate planning needs, ensuring practical, effective and understandable results.

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We approach every client with warmth and empathy, creating a welcoming and supportive environment throughout your estate planning journey.

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We aim to make quality estate planning services accessible to everyone, offering transparent pricing and cost-effective solutions.

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203 Jamestown Blvd Unit C, Rogersville, MO, 65742

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