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Understanding the Differences Between a Will and a Trust

Estate planning might seem complex, but it’s straightforward once you understand your options. Here’s what you can do:

Do Nothing: If you take no action, your estate will be handled by the probate court after your death. It’s important to note that this process can be slow, costly, and time-consuming as the court divides your property.

Create a Will: By drafting a Last Will and Testament, you specify how you want your estate to be distributed. This document will be interpreted by the probate court, which again, can be a slow and costly process.

Set Up a Revocable Living Trust: This option allows you to avoid the probate process entirely. A Revocable Living Trust offers significant savings on probate lawyer fees and time, ensuring peace of mind with a guaranteed outcome for how your estate is handled.

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Revocable Living Trust Package Overview – Avoid Probate

The Worsham Law Firm offers a comprehensive Revocable Living Trust Package tailored for the complete estate planning needs of most families. This non-probate solution includes:

a) Revocable Living Trust: Tailored to accommodate various family dynamics including special needs, spouse and beneficiary protection, and blended families.

b) General Power of Attorney: Empowers a trusted individual to manage your financial and legal affairs if you are unable to do so.

c) Minor Protection Plan: Ensures the assignment of guardianship and helps prevent foster care placements.

d) Deed Drafting & Recording: Facilitates the legal transfer and recording of real estate properties as per the trust instructions.

e) Healthcare Power of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization, and Advance Directive: These are crafted by our attorneys, not hospital staff, ensuring your healthcare wishes are clearly documented and respected.

f) Personal Property Assignment & Memorandum: Outlines the distribution of personal assets, providing clear guidance on who receives what.

g) Pour Over Will: Revokes any previous wills and ensures that any assets not included in the trust are properly assigned.

h) Memorial Instructions: Allows you to communicate privately with your family about necessary information and wishes after your passing.

This package is designed to ensure that your estate is managed smoothly and according to your specific wishes, bypassing the often lengthy and costly probate process.

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Asset Protection with the Missouri Asset Protection Trust

Explore the advantages offered by the Missouri Asset Protection Trust. Designed as an irrevocable trust, it stands as a robust method for protecting your family’s financial resources from creditors.

By placing your assets within this trust, you create a legal barrier that shields them from various external claims, ensuring that your wealth is preserved for future generations. This trust is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to maintain control over their assets while providing long-term security for their family.

It also offers estate planning flexibility, allowing for the distribution of assets according to specific wishes without the interference of external parties.

Engaging in this form of asset protection ensures that your family’s financial health and legacy are safeguarded against unforeseen legal challenges.

Small Business

Small Business Planning

Navigating the complexities of small business ownership requires strategic planning and reliable support. Our law firm offers comprehensive services tailored to small business owners, focusing on the essential elements of business formation and management.

Ongoing Support: We provide continuous legal guidance to ensure your business operations comply with current laws and regulations. Our proactive approach helps you address potential legal issues before they become problematic, keeping your business on a path to success.

Create LLC: Establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can protect your personal assets from business liabilities. We assist with the entire LLC formation process, from filing the necessary paperwork to advising on the optimal structure for your business goals.

Assignment of LLC: Whether transferring ownership or restructuring, we handle the legal intricacies of assigning LLC interests. This service ensures a smooth transition while maintaining the integrity and operational continuity of your business.

Prevent Your Child from Going to Foster Care

Many people are unaware that only parents are considered legal guardians of minor children. Often, grandparents, aunts, uncles and adult siblings assume that if something happens to the parents, they will be able to automatically have custody of the children. Such assumption is not only incorrect, but tragic when the children enter the custody of Child Protective Services and the foster system unexpectedly.

With simple planning, such unintended consequences can be avoided. Missouri Law allows parents to appoint emergency and long-term guardians with a few simple documents.

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