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Sex Crime Defense

All persons convicted of or found guilty of a sexual offense in the state of Missouri will be mandated to register as a sex offender in these databases, and their activities will be tracked by law enforcement officers throughout the state. The Revised Statutes of Missouri stipulate under §589.400 and §43.650, that all sex offenders will be included in a database run by the Highway Patrol and made accessible to the public. In addition, various counties may maintain their own sex offender registries.

This is only one of the many consequences sex offenders in the state will incur as punishment. In addition, these individuals may face jail time, probation time, and even be made to pay hefty fines.

With so many avenues of offensive behaviors for which one can be charged with a sex crime, it is not uncommon to be criminally accused and require the defensive skills of a proven professional. Under the guidance of an associate at the firm, you can assertively address your case in the manner most conducive to helping you obtain the positive results you are looking for. In fact, considering anything else could prove to be detrimental to your case and the wellbeing of your future rights and freedoms. As such, you should waste no time in calling the firm today for a consultation.


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No matter what type of sex crime charges you are facing, you will undoubtedly require the defensive skills of a proven defense attorney. Having an effective legal professional on your side, aiding in your defense, could make a world of difference in the turnout of your case. Therefore, you should waste no time in contacting an associate at the firm for the aggressive defense you will need as you attempt to negate the allegations that have been made in your name. The most common of all sexual offenses are:

• Child sexual abuse
• Child pornography
• Rape, date rape & spousal rape
• Molestation
• Lewd contact
• Prostitution
• Indecent exposure
• Exhibitionism and voyeurism


Having a blood alcohol content level of .08% or more, or demonstrating an inability to drive due to the effects of alcohol or drugs can land you behind bars. For those that are under the drinking age of 21, a BAC can be below .08% and still result in a DWI charge.

Penalties for a DWI conviction include:

A first time conviction is typically considered a Class B misdemeanor charge that can lead to up to 6 months in jail, a license suspension of 30 days with further driving restrictions continuing for 60 days, $500 in fines and points added to a driving record which can raise insurance rates.

A second DWI can put a person in jail for up to year, with fines of up to $1,000 and a yearlong license suspension.

For a class d felony third DWI, repercussions can include up to $5,000 worth of fines, up to four years in jail, community service, probation and 12 points placed on a driving record.

The quantity of drugs involved, the type of drugs and the whether any children were present or could have been affected by the crime can be factors evaluated when determining whether misdemeanor or felony charges are filed. Drug crimes can move all the way up to a class A felony which can involve up to life imprisonment without the possibility of probation or parole.

A successful defense is crafted with as much time as possible, so the sooner you contact the firm the more opportunities there could be in your case. In many drug charges, the first action a skilled lawyer will do is to establish if your rights were violated during the search, seizure and arrest process. Law enforcement officials must follow strict procedures and when these are violated, there could be options to get your case dismissed.

No two drug crimes cases are the same. There are many factors that a skilled legal team will look at to determine the most effective and compelling defense for each case. At Worsham Law Firm a team of legal professionals will examine every detail of your case. You will get your questions answered and you will be advised of your options.

All relevant information you need to make an informed decision about your case will be made available to you. There is someone at the firm you can speak with when you need to. You will be able to follow the steps of your case through modern online services you can access anytime day or night.

For anyone facing a DWI charge I would highly recommend Will Worsham over anyone else in the Springfield area. Will was one of the most honest attorney's I have dealt with and he was straight with me on what to expect from our initial meeting. I was very blessed to have a man of such integrity and experience as my lawyer. Will had the respect of the staff that performed my pre-interview and they put me ahead of other clients due to my tight schedule. I could also tell the prosecutors and judge respected him which enabled me to get an excellent result that kept this off of my record with the county and the DOR.

Jonathan D.

Will did an excellent job defending me with my case. I consulted with other Lawyers before talking to Will and was told my chances were very slim and that I should just plead out. Will not only assured me that we could procede with getting the issue resolved the way I wanted but also followed through. He more then came through for me and was only $100 more then what the other guys who would have had me plead out were. Worth every penny for the professionalism he brought to the table as well as the attitude and respect he showed as well. I would absolutly recomend Will to anyone.

Nic S.


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