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Posted: November 27, 2017

Using the internet to purchase things is great because it’s extremely convenient. We can purchase everything from a 12-pack of beer to a cat’s litter box, but not everything should be done online, especially when it comes to legal matters. While online divorce services promise simplicity and quickness, they can actually end up hurting you in the long run. If you’re thinking about using an online divorce service, here are three reasons why they don’t work.

1.Online divorce services are made for simple, uncontested divorces. Unless you have no kids, no assets and an amicable break up, your divorce is probably too complicated for any online divorce service. You’ve got to take into account child custody, spousal support, division of assets, domestic abuse, other complex issues that an online service may not have a box to check for.

2.A mistake can be very costly. Even lawyers make mistakes, but they can quickly fix them before they cause any damage. If you make a mistake in an online divorce service, it may not be noticeable until it is too late. If you’re in court, with an error-filled settlement agreement, you may be subject to court sanctions. Not to mention that you’ll have to waste more money and time and you may lose any advantages you previously had.

3.It can’t beat a lawyer. If your divorce goes to court, your spouse will probably have a lawyer. This lawyer may challenge your settlement agreement, while you’ll have no one to back you up. An online divorce service just can’t do what a lawyer can, so why not go with the better option?

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