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Visitation & Parenting Time During the Holidays

I want my kids for Christmas, but my ex won't cooperate: Visitation & Parenting Time During the Holidays

Posted: December 25, 2018

Visitation and Parenting Time During Holidays


With Christmas fast approaching, separated parents must deal with dividing time with their children during holidays. This time of year is generally already busy, sometimes frantically busy, so not having a plan in place can cause added stress.Visitation & Parenting Time During the Holidays


Often, parents who share parenting time during the holidays have a custody and parenting time order in place which specifies the times and dates during the holidays on which each parent is entitled to time with their children. Normally, these schedules alternate from year to year, i.e. one parent has the children on Christmas morning during even-numbered years, and the other gets the children on Christmas morning during odd-numbered years. Such schedules tend to work because they are generally fair, and because they allow parents to plan their holiday functions around their schedules with the children. Other parents may not have such schedules in place. If a divorce is pending in court, for example, then a holiday schedule may not have been ordered yet. This scenario tends to be more complicated and can lead to disputes.


Visitation & Parenting Time During the HolidaysAs a parent, your number one priority should be to ensure that your children experience as little stress as possible through this difficult situation. If a parenting time order is in effect, follow it. If you can’t, then communicate with the other parent as quickly as possible. The other parent may be willing to work with you. If no schedule is in place, then try to work with the other parent by attempting to plan a fair holiday schedule as quickly as possible. If the other parent will not cooperate, then you need to get your lawyer involved. Motions can be filed asking the judge to set a holiday schedule. If nothing else, this can pressure an uncooperative parent to engage in planning.

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