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Posted: November 17, 2016

Worsham Law Firm has won a not-guilty verdict on all three counts for a step-father who was accused by his step-daughter of forceable sodomy and child molestation.

The step-daughter reported that it happened over a span of several years. The defendant (our client) had been the sole supporter of his family during that time. The girl had become more and more unruly and, eventually, the defendant and the girl's mother began discipling the girl by grounding her and restricting her access to her phone and internet. Her accusations were retaliatory in nature.

Our investigation into the case revealed the untruthfulness of her allegations through research into social media and through careful questioning in depositions. At trial under cross examination, the girl was unable to maintain her false story and made a new allegation for the first time in order to bolster her failing narrative.

The jury found our client not guilty on all three counts after only one hour and forty minutes of deliberation.

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