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Posted: July 17, 2017

Whether it is Halloween or New Year’s Eve, the holiday season is filled with joy and festive events. However, drunk driving accidents and fatalities are more prominent around this time of year compared to other seasons. So if you are planning to host a party or get-together, make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps to prevent your guest from driving drunk after your event ends.

The following are five important tips to help your guests avoid driving home intoxicated:

  1. Plan how your guests will get home. Whether you use a ridesharing app, such as Uber or Lyft, or designate a sober person to drive them home, there are many other transportation alternatives to get your guests back home safely.
  2. Have a slumber party. Having your guests spend the night instead of driving can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that they are not at risk for getting pulled over for drunk driving.
  3. Serve plenty of food. The holiday season and food are two peas in a pod. Consuming food will help better absorb alcohol.
  4. Pay attention to guests. Keep track of how many drinks each guest consumes throughout the night and watch out for signs of intoxication. If you do not want to supervise your guests on your own, you can hire a bartender to manage the amount of drinks each guest receives.
  5. Shut down the bar early. Before the party concludes, you can cut off the supply of alcohol, so guests can have a couple of hours without alcohol. This ensures that guests do not attempt to drive home right after the party is over.

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